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Pet Odor Myths

Have a pet odor problem in your home? If so, you’re probably familiar with some of the “Un-Truths” or “Myths” that have been floating around for years regarding pet odor removal. Believe me, some of the things I hear are false and ridiculous! For Example, the old “Vinegar Trick” supposedly cures and eliminates pet odor…that’s pure nonsense! After reading some of the articles posted online about vinegar, you would think vinegar is the cure for just about anything…it’s vinegar people…it does nothing…please stop using vinegar! How about the old baking soda remedy, just sprinkle billions of tiny baking soda particles “all over” your carpet and the pet odor will mysteriously vanish…yeah right! Worst of all, many whom claim to have the cure for pet odor don’t explain pet odor correctly and why the odor exists in the first place. That’s because they don’t know or understand how pet odor works. So, forget the myths and all the nonsense associated with it, here we give the facts. Let’s go!

First, pet odor is caused from decaying bacteria in urine. The bacterial growth is what starts odor to begin with! Basically, urine is comprised of sodium chloride, potassium, and other organic compounds, which are then released by the body as a bi-product. Once the bi-product has been released (urine), then mother natures process begins with the decomposition and bacterial growth to decay. Shortly after, urine will decay into a granular substance called “urine salt”.  At this point, mother nature’s process of decomposing is pretty much done, and a pungent ammonia odor begins. The ammonia odor lives and thrives on the excess moisture from the decay process. You can compare this to mold and how it thrives off moisture. Well, pet odor is exacerbated from high humidity in a home. This is where most “Do it Yourselfers” homeowners drive into the ditch! Humidity of any kind (i.e.: water, pet odor solution) will make any pet odor problem worse if not treated correctly. Bottom line, they use TOO MUCH water-based solution and the result backfires! Basically, the gave the urine a food buffed via moisture. Never ever use too much of any carpet solution when trying to remove pet odor from carpet. The odor removal process is more about removing what urine decay is still left and destroying the bacteria associated with it…period! Pet odor is a bacterial problem, not a urine problem! The bacteria was delivered vis urine if that makes sense.

You can shop at any retail (big box) store and find many products geared towards pet odor, but they typically do not work very well. Your best option is to treat the urine stain as quickly as possible! Having a sense of urgency to treat the urine is best to achieve best results. If you can treat the spot within the first hour, your results will be far better than waiting. Sooner is better, as the urine cannot begin to decompose in that short amount of time. Either way, remember the basics of urine and how it decomposes and your pre-treatment results will start to have more successful results.

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