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Barrows "Butler" Carpet Cleaning Equipment

butler_man_right_tansparentBarrows Carpet Cleaning is proud to use The Butler System, the number one restoration cleaning system in the country.

The Butler Corporation combines more than 30 years of tradition with the latest technology, resulting in high quality machines that you can see in each and every one of our vehicles. Manufactured in Central New England, The Butler System is a symbol of pride and care inherent in our commitment to excellent service.

We at Barrows use this state-of-the art equipment because we have ambitious goals and high expectations when it comes to our results. In our industry, there is no more prestigious name that could be associated with our own than Butler.

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I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Barrows for over two years and his integrity and professionalism are unparalleled. He genuinely cares about the quality of service he offers and he takes the responsibility of entering and caring for someone's home seriously. In a time when we must be so careful about who we trust with our dollar and with our safety, I highly recommend calling Barrows Carpet Cleaning. They are leaders in their industry and will perform the job in such a way that you will wonder how you went this long without them.

-Shawna V.

Thank you for taking care of my floors so quickly, much appreciated.

-Collin P.

Thanks, looks great!

-Pam S.

Thank you for the great job on our bedroom rugs - they look just great!

-Andrea S.

Everything looks great - especially the furniture! Great job in getting out the rust in the blue carpet, thank you!

-Elizabeth M.

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the carpet cleaning. Thank you for doing such a fine job.

-Loren D.

Good Job, thanks for the excellent service.

-Roger J.

Thank you, so much. My rugs look amazing! I am going to recommend you to everyone!

-Paige W.

Dear Gentleman, I have found time to write to you and thank you for your help last week, after the tire blew on the Subaru. God was with me that day with so little traffic on the road at that hour. He also sent me 2 fine gentleman who helped me, and saw me home. With regards & thank you.

-Mrs. W.

As I was searching the web early one morning for a carpet cleaning service I found Barrows Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, I was impressed by their website so I dashed off an email requesting an estimate. Mr. Barrows called me an hour later and came to my house in another hour. After measuring my rooms and telling me the process he uses he gave me a very reasonable estimate. After visiting with him awhile I knew that he was a person that I would feel safe having in my home and one that was reliable. He came back at 2:30 to start the work and did a fantastic job on my very soiled carpets. I feel he really went above and beyond when he cleaned an area rug for me that was so soiled that I had taken to the garage to throw out. He took a look at it, dragged his hoses back out of the truck and cleaned it in my driveway, then hung it on my patio to dry. This morning it is clean and usable again! I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

-Lori E

I love this company! I've lived in my home for over 10 yrs now and have had many companies come in thru out the years until I finally found a company I'm thrilled with. I now have Barrows come out every 6 months to clean my carpets and couches! They are extremely fair on their prices and the job is incredible. I'm so happy I found them!


Barrows Carpet did an excellent job on carpet in my rental property. After 2.5 years, my tenant moved out and left the carpet in shambles. It was completely disgusting with dirt and grime deep within the carpet. Additionally, there were so many stains, I couldn't even begin to count. The carpet had stains of all colors; large black stains, red stains, blue stains, you name it. My husband and I were convinced we were going to have to replace the carpet. We even had a contractor scheduled to come out for the replacement. At a friend's suggestion, I called Barrows. I figured he could do a good job, but still had my doubts that he could get the carpet anywhere near presentable. In fact, my husband and I still kept our appointment with the contractor to have the carpet replaced. Charlie came out and did an AWESOME job. I couldn't believe it. The stairs that were more black from stains than the original cream carpet color looked awesome. I couldn't imagine he could get it that clean. I was so impressed. He saved me thousands of dollars because I can now use this carpet again versus putting in new carpet. I don't normally write reviews, but Barrows did such an excellent job I wanted to make sure they got credit. Thank you so much!

-Kim B

I must say I have never been as happy with a carpet cleaner than I was with Mr Barrows of Barrows Carpet and Upholstery Cleanears. My carpets have never been this clean and the evening after Mr Barrows cleaned my carpets, some of my neighbors came by for a visit and the first thing they said "Your carpets look fantistic and your whole house smells so clean and fresh." I will never use anyone but Barrows from this point on. The price was great and the job was the BEST. Thank you Charles.

-Susan J.

i have got to say i was amazed, the morning of our apointment, they showed up on time . I was greeted at the door by a handsome man holding the daily paper that he had picked up off the lawn for me. he cleaned all my capets and upholstery and the tile in my bathroom . i have to say i feel as i replaced these items ,outstanding job also the manner in which the job was delivered only complimented the service even more . these are the type of folks you would want in your home and kinda sad to see them leave . cant wait to have my carpets cleaned again next year. i highly recommend this family , super job

-Nanna 32

Very prompt and professional with reasonable prices. Carpets were the cleaner than I had expected. Had them clean the grout in my showers. Just amazed! Recommend them to everyone.A+


On behalf of the African American Club of Pasco, I want to thank you and your assistant for the excellent restoration of the rug in AAC Building, also called the Booker T. Washington school. Members and friends were astonished that you succeeded in making the stained rug look as though it was new.

Your work helped us to greet the public with confidence on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at our Junteenth 2012 celebration, and we made certain to let those attending know who did such a wonderful job!

You can be very proud of your work, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to take on such a challenging task on such short notice.

-Darryll Stevenson, Acting President AAC of Pasco